Getting Started

If this is your first time considering a private investigator to assist with your case, then you have already taken the first step by researching companies in your area. Vision Investigations would like the opportunity to earn your business if we prove to be the right fit for your needs. Consultations are always free whether you choose to use us or go in another direction. Here are a few additional points to assist with reaching a successful outcome in your case.



While a qualified family law or defense attorney will likely prove beneficial to your case in the long run, you are not required to have representation prior to hiring a private investigator. If you believe there is significant evidence to be obtained, it is important to secure that while the opportunity exists. The evidence obtained by a licensed private investigator can still be utilized later if you ultimately decide to retain legal counsel. At that time, your investigator will work directly with your attorney to ensure that the investigation continues to be conducted in a manner that best benefits the potential for success when your case is presented during litigation.



Make certain that the company you hire specializes in the type of investigation you need completed, and can provide references upon request. Verify that the company is properly licensed and insured in the state they operate. They should be able to immediately provide you with relevant documents upon request. You can perform a corporation or individual license search with the Georgia Secretary of State through the provided link. Georgia Secretary of State



Organize the information you have available pertaining to your case such as descriptions of subjects of interest, addresses of interest, vehicles of interest, and have a rough idea of the most opportune time to conduct investigation of your subject based on your personal knowledge of his or her day-to-day activities. The investigator will utilize that information as a foundation to build on when reviewing the case and discussing the various avenues of investigation with you.


Although the individual taking your assignment request may sound professional, they may not be the person actually working the investigation. To avoid miscommunication of important details which can make the difference in the outcome of your case, insist on communicating directly with the investigator who will handle your case prior to starting, and during the course of the investigation. If you do not feel confident in his/her level of expertise and experience, trust your instincts and contact another company.



Once you have agreed upon the scope of your case, the investigative company should be able to provide you with a contract spelling out the details of what has been agreed upon and the fees for conducting the investigation. You should verify if the company charges an all-inclusive rate, or if there will be any additional expenses passed through to you (i.e. travel, mileage, reporting, videos, etc.). It is common that you will be required to provide a retainer (amounts may vary) prior to the start of your case, which the investigator will work off of. Your contract should specify that any unused portion of the retainer will be fully refunded.

Vision Investigations would like the opportunity to earn your business if we prove to be the right fit for your needs. Consultations are always free whether you choose to use us or go in another direction.